Avalanche 2020, 15th edition



8 h 29 Opening of registration, start of Bingo and photo-rallye
13 h End of distribution of door prize draw tickets at registration
  End of check-in for Bingo cards and photo-rallye
  End of activities that are rewarded by an extra door prize ticket
  *** Note that tables are available on location, do bring your lunch! Also, coffee, hot chocolate and snacks are available. There will be a snack bar opened on location even for warm meals.
13 h 29 Door prizes draw; announcement and display of the names of the winners
  Official picture
  GPS draw
  Half-and-half draw
  Re-draw for any door prizes that have not been claimed
  Announcement of geocache competition winner
14 h 00 Informal end of the Avalanche event
16 h 29 The room and tables will stay available for everyone until 16h29



Half-and-half draw
Draw for a Oregon 700 GPSr
Many door prizes offered by AGQ and sponsors
Around 50 new geocaches nearby, including D1/T1 to D5/T5
Geostores on site
Bingo-Avalanche 2020 and photo-rallye
Museum of GPS and of geocaches



Do you want to be part of the hosting committee for Avalanche near your home? Send us an application for your area before May 31st 2020!
What we are looking for:
At least two local hosts, responsible for the event
A potential site that can accommodate a 150-person event outside and offer a heated shelter
An estimate of the number of people who you think might attend
Ideas of local landmarks that can be featured on the local-themed Avalanche geocoin
The local hosts will have to:
Find the location and manage the booking
Prepare the venue for all that has to be done in advance
Recruit helpers for the preparation as needed, as well as volunteers
Assist for the setup of the activities
Place new geocaches nearby
Find local sponsors or partners (if possible)
On its part, AGQ will:
Lead and assist the hosts or committee
Publish the event on the geocaching website
Maintain Avalanche’s website
Produce the local-themed geocoin
Organize the half-and-half draw, as well as draws for door prizes and a GPSr
Organize and judge the geocache making contest
Manage the AGQ geostore
Take care of insurance matters
Advertise the event on popular social medias and by email
Provide volunteers (Members of the managing committee and more)
Supply the Mascot, banner, GPS Museum, miscellaneous activities...
All applications will be accepted, even if the city has previously hosted Avalanche. We will however not consider hosting Avalanche in the same area three years in a row. The selection committee will announce the chosen city next June, at the annual general meeting of the AGQ.