Avalanche 2023, year of return of the great Avalanche


Avalanche 2023, in Gatineau (Buckingham) this year! The year 2022 has allowed for a series of smaller events across Quebec! It was a success, there were 9 mini-Avalanches across Quebec.

But this year, it's the return of the great Avalanche which will be held in Gatineau (Buckingham). Since this annual event is a source of funding for the AGQ, we are maintaining the production of the Avalanche 2023 commemorative geocoin. We present to you this design featuring our family of snowmen in front of the history museum in Gatineau and our geotwit still making a fool of himself!

The geocoin is available in Geocoins (geocaching-qc.com) for $20. We will proceed in pre-order mode, and this from now until January 28th in order to determine the number of pieces to produce. It will therefore be a collector's item!! Thank you in advance for encouraging the local economy!

Pierre Rousseau (Tipete) vice-president AGQ on behalf of the CA of the AGQ